Exchanging stories at Wadebridge Memory Day

Posted on: 25th September 2015 No Comments

Earlier this week we held a Memory Day in Wadebridge as part of the ‘Landmark Travels’ project. Wadebridge & District Museum had put together a wonderful display of local photographs and research, and there was a constant chatter of memories over the afternoon. Here are a few photographs…

WadebridgeMemoryDay11 WadebridgeMemoryDay1 WadebridgeMemoryDay10 WadebridgeMemoryDay9 WadebridgeMemoryDay8 WadebridgeMemoryDay7 WadebridgeMemoryDay5 WadebridgeMemoryDay6 WadebridgeMemoryDay4 WadebridgeMemoryDay3 WadebridgeMemoryDay2
Cakes a plenty at Wadebridge Memory Day

We now have a lovely long list of people to go and record, and look forward to hearing more stories as we do so. Some of these recordings will then be edited down to around 3 minutes and linked with photographs to illustrate the narrative and make what we call a ‘digital story’.

If you missed the day and still wish to be involved with the project then please do get in touch.

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