Showcasing Stories

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Tea Chests adorned with stories for 'Guardians of the Reef'

Once you have recorded someone’s memories, there are endless possibilities for sharing them. Storylines design and make creative and innovative installations, exhibitions, audio walks, podcasts, digital stories and resources.


Whilst there is great value in archiving longer audio memories, it’s also wonderful to make them more widely accessible. Storylines specialise in narrative interpretation. Collaboration and community engagement are important and valuable parts of this process. From an immersive circular room which embedded the audience in a panoramic landscape of local stories, to an interactive touch screen of tattoo stories, we have experience of interpreting stories in novel and engaging ways.


The act of presenting people’s stories in a considered and creative way further honours their experiences. Narrative interpretation is a way of furthering the social impact of our work;  boosting self- esteem, and helping people to connect with others.


By presenting stories to new audiences Storylines extends these benefits by helping widen people’s knowledge and understanding of places and people. Listening to stories broadens minds, helps break down barriers, and challenges prejudices. We can learn a great deal from looking back at the past, as a means of helping us to consider our future.

Clay Country Kemeneth book 2021


South Devon & Channel Shellfishermen have really enjoyed working with Storylines on the Guardians of the Reef project. Participants have been very complimentary about the whole process. The Storylines team have been able to take the very complex subject matter and turn it in to something accessible for a wider audience. 

The exhibition at Salcombe Maritime Museum and teachests of stories have given those with no understanding of fisheries, or the way they have shaped the local area, a wider appreciation of those things. Through a series of beautiful illustrations and collage, including an interactive element, people are given a snapshot into a local way of life and the memories of key individuals.

In conjunction with the physical exhibition, Storylines produced a series of digital stories. These used historic photographs and extracts of lengthy and complex oral history interviews. These have already proven to encourage a deeper understanding of our heritage, way of life and importance to our coastal communities and we look forward to sharing them even more widely. 

Beshlie Pool,Executive Officer, South Devon and Channel Shellfishermen Ltd.