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New toolkit to explore fashion and climate change

Posted on: 15th April 2024 No Comments

Our work with the Bude Climate Partnership continues with us devising a further toolkit to be used within the project’s community engagement. The focus of this latest toolkit is fashion, inspired by the fabulous Lauren who we worked with last year to the make this digital story…

Lauren's Story

Using Lauren’s story as a springboard for sharing, discussion, and learning, this new toolkit will be used to engage all ages, with a strong focus on young people. How we choose to dress ourselves can have a huge impact on the environment, so it’s a good theme for all of us to explore and consider. Researching for this toolkit was shocking, as it revealed quite how devastating the impact of fast fashion is.


Exploring the slow fashion movement, something which Lauren is passionate about, provided us with more hope. The slow fashion movement invites us to rethink our relationship with how and where we source our clothes. It’s also an opportunity for fashion companies to revise how they produce clothing and reduce their impact on the environment.


When it comes to fashion and our buying habits, there’s plenty that we can be doing to reduce our impact on the environment. We’ve packed this toolkit with ideas and information, so our next challenge is making this accessible and fun to explore. Helping us with this challenge are 2 talented students from Falmouth University, Verity and Maddie. As interns for Storylines, they are working hard to bring our text to life through illustration and graphic design.


This digital story and corresponding toolkit will add to the series we’ve created so far. Lauren has set up the brilliant Green Threads, slow fashion markets in Bude. This toolkit will become one of a series which we’ve made for the Bude Climate Partnership, who are working on positive climate change projects to future proof the Bude area. . It is funded by the National Lottery.

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