What we do

We all have stories and there is great value in listening to each other. Storylines is a Community Interest Company, which uses a narrative approach to support people, organisations and communities to unearth and creatively share personal stories. Much of our work is delivered in partnership and uses oral history and digital storytelling.

  • recording someones memories through oral history

    Recording Memories and Experiences

    Storylines are experienced at capturing high quality, in depth life stories. Often in collaboration with others, from small community groups to large institutions, our ability to sensitively record personal stories brings numerous benefits.

  • using a narrative approach to community engagement

    Digital Storytelling

    Storylines specialise in digital storytelling. We creatively weave together audio and images to tell the stories of individuals, communities or social enterprises. Digital stories have an array of exciting uses, within communities, educational settings, cultural hubs, and online.

  • Running a story centred workshop

    Story Led Engagement

    People of all ages understand and connect with stories, making them a perfect springboard for meaningful engagement. In partnership with communities, cultural hubs and educational settings, Storylines use a narrative approach to deliver innovative workshops, events and resources.


  • showcasing stories through creative interpretation using a narrative approach

    Showcasing Stories

    Once you have recorded someone’s memories, there are endless possibilities for sharing them. Storylines design and make creative and innovative installations, exhibitions, audio walks, podcasts, digital stories and resources.

  • telling the stories of social enterprises

    Social Enterprise Stories

    Storylines support other social enterprises to capture and share the amazing work they do. Through the voices of those who have been impacted the most, we create heartfelt digital stories that present a real and in-depth portrait of a social enterprise.

  • delivering training in Cornwall using a narrative approach

    Consultancy & Training

    Storylines provide bespoke training and consultancy to enable others to benefit from a narrative approach in their work or community. Through practical advice, support, skill sharing and project development we are able to spread our passion for the power of story.