Oral History

It’s a real privilege to sit and truly listen to someone, so we love nothing more than spending time with an individual (or in some cases a pair or small group) to record their memories through an oral history interview. Our approach is personal and sensitive and we love watching someone come alive as they share with us often long forgotten memories. The majority of oral history interviews we conduct are in people’s homes, but we’ve conducted them in a range of other more unusual settings including on a fishing boat and on top of a landmark such as Carn Grey. So we’ll go wherever we need to!


We also deliver oral history training to enable other organisations and projects to conduct recordings in an appropriate and effective way.


With all the oral history interviews we do, we devise bespoke project information forms and consent/copyright forms, so that everything is in accordance with people’s wishes and the interviews can be used and preserved into the future. Where relevant we also work alongside local archives to ensure that oral history interviews are professionally archived for future generations.


With every oral history interview we do we make sure that the interviewee has 2 (or more) copies of the full recording in whatever format is best suited to them, so that they can share it with family and friends and keep it safe for the future.



‘Oral history training with Storylines was a refreshing and eye-opening introduction to the best ways to engage with participants. I really enjoyed the interactive nature of the session and came away feeling excited and ready to begin recording oral histories for our heritage project at Hall For Cornwall. Thank you Sarah for inspiring us all!’
Lucy Innes Williams, Collections Officer, Hall For Cornwall

“The training session with Sarah from Storylines was incredibly rewarding. Being able to look extensively into how to best record people’s memories, the do’s and don’ts, and even getting to try amongst ourselves on the day means that we feel fully prepared and ready to go out into the community and approach participants to record their stories for our collection at the Hall for Cornwall. Sarah’s relaxed, but brilliantly informed manner made for an extremely fun and interactive afternoon. Thank you Storylines!”
Kim Healy, Heritage Outreach Officer, Hall For Cornwall