Storylines produces innovative and exciting narrative resources for all ages. These extend the reach of the stories we gather and provide different ways for people to explore places or themes. On this page you will find some of the resources we have produced. These all use stories as a starting point for learning and creativity. Please feel free to share and use these.

Our Bude, Our Stories- Toolkits for the Bude Climatenarrative resources exploring climate change in Bude Partnership

As part of a wider project led by the Bude Climate Partnership, Storylines spent time around Bude collecting memories, reflections and photographs that explored the areas heritage, culture and environment. The resulting digital stories form the heart of 9 innovative toolkits. These aim to help the community share their own memories, learn from others and consider what’s important to their community in the face of a changing climate. These narrative resources can be downloaded and have been adapted for online use also. 

The more we understand what we are facing and talk it through with each other, the more we will feel empowered to take the actions necessary to future proof a thriving, resilient community and a healthier planet for everyone.


Stories from the Fields- Digital Stories and Narrative Resources for KS2

Stories from the Fields narrative resources for KS2 farming storiesThis website is home to a free online resource, aimed at Key Stage 2 children (age 7-11 years old). This explores some of the changes that farmers in Cornwall have witnessed within living memory. The website includes a series of digital stories made with farmers around Cornwall. These are accompanied by discussion points and activities to further engage children with Cornwall’s farming heritage.

This resource was created as part of Tallys an Tir; Traditions & Stories of the Land.



Landmark Travels- Narrative Resources for KS2

Landmark Travels narrative resources for schools Cornwall

A series of free educational resources that have been developed through the project ‘Landmark Travels- Our Past in a Suitcase.’ These innovative narrative resources take the form of travelling suitcases, enabling children to explore and learn about some of the unique landmarks on their doorstep. Developed by a specialist team, these suitcases aim to inspire children and teachers through a range of activities. The curriculum focus is on Literacy, History and Art. Accompanying workshops are also available on request and can be adapted to best suit your school’s needs and budget.

The ‘Landmark Travels’ project was delivered in partnership by Storylines,  the Institute of Cornish Studies  and the Cornwall Heritage Trust, and has been supported by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Cornwall Heritage Trust.

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