March 2013

A Cornish Dialect alphabet at Lanivet school

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Here are some more photos of the workshop we did on Cornish dialect with Lanivet primary school. Over the day we created clay models of local dialect words, making 2 alphabets that will be exhibited on special white blocks with letters on. A brilliant day, wonderful children and some great sculptures! Also a privilege to […]

Getting creative with field names…

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One thing that always fascinates me is the names that farmers give their fields. Often passed down through generations and outlined in old deeds, these names provide incites into the past use of fields. Sometimes the history of a field is passed along with the name… sometimes it is lost, leaving mysterious names, often in […]

Schools explore rural heritage

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We are now about half way through our artist led workshops in Cornish primary schools. Each workshop we have, or will, run uses local farming stories as a starting point for learning and creativity. We decided to do something different in each school, adapting to the area, stories, and schools, with some brilliant results. The first […]

Gool Peran Lowen!

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Happy St.Pirans Day! Hopefully you are eating something local and celebrating St.Pirans Day in style. No culinary plans? Why not try chef Sanjay Kumar’s Cornish recipe for chip shop battered Hogs pudding and St.Pirans special of criss-crossed Pilchards. When it comes to reminiscing about the glorious past of Cornish feeding habits it is very hard to ignore […]


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Here’s another great short story by farmer Brindley Hosken. Whenever I showed visitors around my milking parlour, usually their first question was, “do you ever get kicked.” The answer surprisingly was, not very often.  I was kicked in the leg once and knocked down into the shi**y straw. This was probably my own fault for […]

Mysterious objects and Cornish phrases!

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Thank you to everyone who came to the Storytelling event at Gunwen Chapel this week. Another thank you to those who brought along such interesting objects to share, Sheila for reading out some of her poems and Margaret for her Cornish phrases. One more thank you to local chef Sanjay for bringing in some delicious […]