November 2012

Water colours in ‘Flat field’

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Here’s another post and beautiful water colour by artist Louise McClary… Catching the last of the sun last week I decided to visit Halonoweth farm to my favorite field that overlooks the creek. We have ( that’s me and the farmers) always named it  “Flat Field ” now with the tythe map we now know […]

Here’s to the flower farms…

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Another type of farming in Cornwall is of course flower farming. Over 2010 we spent time with a range of Cornish flower farms, photographing their daily activities and interviewing the farmers. As with other types of farming, flower farming has seen dramatic changes within living memory. It was a really pleasure to see how things […]

When the ivy takes over- down on Polgrean Farm

Posted on: 24th November 2012 6 Comments

The last couple of months have been busy collecting images, film and old photographs from Cornish farmers to make a series of ‘digital stories’ for the project. On my last trip to Polgrean farm at Gunwalloe John Hocking and myself explored an old cottage hidden in the valley at the bottom of Johns farm. This […]

Personal archives- farming

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Last week the Royal Cornwall Museum kindly allowed us to explore some photographs from their archives. We had a great afternoon with some interesting memories, discussions and discoveries. For those that missed this, here are a few beautiful photographs that were kindly donated to us on the day by Hilary Trump from Gunwen. Many of […]

‘PELAGGO’ field

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Following on from the last blog post here is some more text and some beautiful sketches by artist Louise McClary- On the other side of the road, not on the riverside, is “PELAGGO ” field. It seems this field used to be two fields, ‘Pelaggo’ and ‘Bens Pelaggo’… I have been walking this field for […]

Artist Louise McClary spending time on Halonoweth Farm

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Louise McClary ( is an artist who lives and works near Manaccan. Louise attended our oral history training last week and is now armed with a recorder to go and interview a local farming family she knows. Here is a slideshow of photographs Louise has sent over with descriptions- Weighing the cows before the butcher […]

Uncovering archive footage ‘Crying the neck’

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It’s always a real treat when people discover rolls of cine film, usually hidden away at the bottom of a draw or in an old shoebox. These films are windows on the past- often shot over the last 80 years they highlight how quickly times are changing. It’s for this reason that it’s so important […]

Oral History training at Kestle Barton

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Thank you to everyone who attended the oral history training workshop at Kestle Barton this week. We had a great mix of people, all local to the area, including artists, farmers and community members. Everyone is now set to interview local farmers and people linked with the local landscape… Let the recordings begin!!

Leaping in Wellies at Rosehip Barn

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It has been 2 years since I took this photograph of Gemma leaping across the family barn. Visiting the other week I was amazed at how much has been done to the barn since then. The Kempthorne family has been busy converting the barn so that it can be used as a community venue and […]

A tanka poem by Sally Payne

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There are lots of ways of creatively interpreting the land around us; from photography to sculpture, film to creative writing, storytelling to painting. Here is a brilliant tanka poem written by Sally Payne a local creative writer: Farm Grating vision, land Rough load ploughed with grave burden Ruddy wrecked, labour Old wrinkled hand of weathered […]