December 2012

Land Army Memories

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A Land Army girl with plenty of gumption; Mickie drove a Land Army Lorry in Penzance. As I mentioned before Mickie’s memory is incredible and her stories both engaging and endearing. Here is the second film combining Mickie’s photographs (kindly dug out of the attic for us) with her voice talking us through the images. […]

45 years of memories of Frenchman’s creek

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Do you have a special place where you go… to contemplate… to get space… to remember… to appreciate beauty…to gain perspective? It’s funny how places change with time and experience, collecting together memories and growing older. In this short story Brindley, a farmer near Manaccan, recalls his memories of Frenchman’s creek. From 45 years ago, […]

Land Army, Place House and Romance

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We were lucky enough to meet Mickie on a couple of occasions, visiting her at her home in Penzance. Mickie’s memory is incredible. Her stories are endearing, touching, humorous and told beautifully. Always with an “I will” attitude, Mickie has some brilliant memories to tell and I could truly listen to her talk for hours! […]

Coming between Geoffrey and his heifers!

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Standing in a field talking to a farmer you hear all sorts of stories; “Here’s where…” “That cow…” “As a child…”  Not often are they written down. Farmer Brindley Hosken, who is one of our group at Manaccan, records some of his experiences and thoughts in his written short stories… Here is the first… Farming […]

Some more Cornish dialect for you

Posted on: 13th December 2012 8 Comments

Descriptive words Cabby:                        Dirty or Messy Braave:                       Good Licker:                         Something  really big Abroad:                      Open as a window, door etc Skerrick:                     Something small, a wisp Smeech:                     A small pan, something burning Scat:                           1. A tear or rip […]

‘Tallys an Tir’ in the local media

Posted on: 12th December 2012 2 Comments

Watch and listen out for us in local press. For those that missed it here is a press clipping following the project go-ahead. We were also on BBC radio Cornwall a month ago talking about the project with Tiffany Truscott.  Happily, Tiffany is now keen to follow the project and keep radio Cornwall listeners informed […]

Caught in headlamps… getting lost on a Country road

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From Pendeen to Bodmin Moor, this project takes us all over Cornwall. Embarrassingly getting lost on back roads has become a regular occurrence… “take 2 lefts, past the gate on you right, past 2 fields and near the steam…” sometimes perhaps that’s not all too surprising! Still, getting lost does has in advantages, who knows […]

A murmuration of starlings

Posted on: 7th December 2012 2 Comments

Here are some more thoughts and paintings by artist Louise McClary, alongside a poem by John Clare and short film… ‘We are I know really in the clutches of winter, now but it seems to me that the birds are still doing their autumn thing. Crossing ‘pelaggo’ field at dusk its like the rooks and […]

Sitting on a cow! Photos from another era…

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There’s not much that hasn’t changed in dairy farming… the breed of milking cow, the number of cows on each farm and how the cows were milked. Traveling back in time, not only would dairy cows have all had names, Daisy and Buttercup being common choices, but they would also have had horns! These beautiful […]

Lets celebrate Cornish Dialect…

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There’s something wonderful about Cornish dialect… And speaking to Cornish farmers has revealed a whole range of interesting words and phrases. Of course these can vary hugely depending on where you are in Cornwall. I am currently making a short film with some of these in… but until then here is some local dialect for […]