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3 O’Clock in the Morning and the alarm goes off…

Posted on: 27th May 2013 No Comments

It may be bank holiday weekend for some of us but farmers certainly don’t work a 9 till 5… Here’s another great short story thanks to farmer Brindley Hosken… Farming in Meneage BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I reach out from the bed, scat over the lamp; knock over a book and at last stop that infernal din. My […]

“Oak, oak oak, come’on”

Posted on: 14th May 2013 No Comments

Yesterday we presented some of the work collected during ‘Tallys an Tir’ as part of the ‘Studying Memory & Place‘ event at the Cornwall Centre in Redruth. We had a good turn-out with some great storytelling. Our relationships with animals featured in most of these stories, including horses which would wait outside the pub for their […]

Having a go at hand milking…

Posted on: 1st May 2013 No Comments

On one of our recent workshops in primary schools, we were joined in the classroom by a rather large guest… a cow, complete with working udders, courtesy of Veronica from FACE (the charity Farming & Countryside Education). The children had great fun trying hand milking and learning about changes to farming practices. Over the day […]

Harry’s Story- dairy farming in Zennor

Posted on: 3rd April 2013 No Comments

Dairy farming has perhaps seen the biggest changes over the past few decades. Here’s another digital story created for this project; making oral history interviews more accessible and for our work in schools. In it Harry talks about some of the changes he has witnessed over his lifetime as a farmer in Zennor.   Harry's Story- […]


Posted on: 4th March 2013 No Comments

Here’s another great short story by farmer Brindley Hosken. Whenever I showed visitors around my milking parlour, usually their first question was, “do you ever get kicked.” The answer surprisingly was, not very often.  I was kicked in the leg once and knocked down into the shi**y straw. This was probably my own fault for […]

Heather’s Story- Always a pleasure…

Posted on: 11th February 2013 1 Comment

Heather's Story- Childhood memories of farming in Cornwall from StoryLines on Vimeo. Here is another digital story that we have made by editing down an oral history interview and linking this with images. This is the story of Heather Rogers, a livestock farmer from near St.Ives. This story gives a taster of Heathers life on […]

45 years of memories of Frenchman’s creek

Posted on: 21st December 2012 No Comments

Do you have a special place where you go… to contemplate… to get space… to remember… to appreciate beauty…to gain perspective? It’s funny how places change with time and experience, collecting together memories and growing older. In this short story Brindley, a farmer near Manaccan, recalls his memories of Frenchman’s creek. From 45 years ago, […]

Coming between Geoffrey and his heifers!

Posted on: 18th December 2012 No Comments

Standing in a field talking to a farmer you hear all sorts of stories; “Here’s where…” “That cow…” “As a child…”  Not often are they written down. Farmer Brindley Hosken, who is one of our group at Manaccan, records some of his experiences and thoughts in his written short stories… Here is the first… Farming […]

Sitting on a cow! Photos from another era…

Posted on: 4th December 2012 No Comments

There’s not much that hasn’t changed in dairy farming… the breed of milking cow, the number of cows on each farm and how the cows were milked. Traveling back in time, not only would dairy cows have all had names, Daisy and Buttercup being common choices, but they would also have had horns! These beautiful […]

Artist Louise McClary spending time on Halonoweth Farm

Posted on: 13th November 2012 No Comments

Louise McClary ( is an artist who lives and works near Manaccan. Louise attended our oral history training last week and is now armed with a recorder to go and interview a local farming family she knows. Here is a slideshow of photographs Louise has sent over with descriptions- Weighing the cows before the butcher […]