Digital Storytelling

We specialise in digital storytelling and have vast experience of working with people of all ages to make digital stories on a wide range of themes.

Video ThumbnailChristine has many many memories of Jubilee Pool in Penzance… she even learned to swim before she could walk! A touching story of a special place.

A digital story is typically 3-4 minutes long during which you hear a personal story, voiced by that person, at the same time as seeing a series of images that illustrate it. The process of working with someone to create a digital story can be extremely powerful and therapeutic and is just as important as the outcome. Our approach is extremely supportive and sensitive and it’s really important to us that people enjoy the experience of working with us in this way. Digital stories are also an effective way of making longer Oral History interviews, more accessible by editing the interview down to a succinct story with visuals.


Video ThumbnailThis story is part of ‘Tattoo Tales’ 2016/17

Tattoo Tales is community engagement programme led by the National Maritime Museum Cornwall in partnership with Storylines.

It is part of the Collections Stories partnership project, an element of Royal Museums Greenwich’s Endeavour Galleries project, made possible through an award of £4.9m from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The project was part-funded by Arts Council England through its Major Partner Museums programme. The National Maritime Museum Cornwall is an Arts Council-funded Major Partner Museum, under the umbrella of the Cornwall Museum Partnership.

Digital story by Storylines

This story is featured in the ‘Tattoo- British Tattoo Art Revealed’ exhibition at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall
17 March 2017 – 7 January 2018.

Digital Story made for Tattoo Tales with the National Maritime Museum Cornwall.

Video ThumbnailThis digital story was made as part of the 'Guardians of the Reef' project, delivered in partnership with Storylines and the South Devon and Channel Shellfishermen Association over 2017-2018 and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. For more information on the project please visit

Digital Story from ‘Guardians of the Reef’ project.


Display including digital stories

Stories are our common language, so a digital story can be enjoyed by people of all ages. They can open our eyes to the lives of others, encouraging empathy and respect, and teach us about the world. Digital stories can be shared in a variety of ways such as at screening events, in exhibitions, online, at conferences and for workshops in communities or schools. For example, we often take digital stories into schools to use as a starting point for learning and creativity, and where possible try to hold screening events within communities to celebrate the stories that have emerged, thus helping foster new connections.


A digital story is also an effective way of capturing the story of an organisation, business or project so that it can be shared online and at events. This is a great way to promote what you do, attract new beneficiaries/customers and demonstrate the benefits of your work through first-hand stories. This service is tailored to your needs and can feature individual voices or a collection of voices.

Video ThumbnailTravis has been on the ‘Together We Can Succeed’ programme, which operates from a farm near Callington in Cornwall, for one year.

The "Together We Can Succeed" programme is a joint venture between Battling On, Transferable Skills Training (TST) and Work Skills South West to help engage vulnerable young people who had dis-engaged from education. This Award winning programme has gained widespread acclaim and was filmed by the BBC for Comic Relief.

Veterans are trained to become peer mentors or instructors. They work with the young people to promote self confidence and self esteem whilst developing their problem solving, team building and communication skills. Whilst the young people learn vocational skills to help lift them out of poverty.

The project also involves the young people volunteering with the veterans and last year the young people contributed over 5000 hours of volunteering hours supporting over 30 different community, charity and conservation projects.

Tel: 01579 384798

Digital Story sharing the experiences of Travis who has benefitted from the charity Battling On CIC.


Video ThumbnailA short film created by Storylines to capture the pilot 'Singing for Breathing' project from Penzance, Cornwall, UK in March 2015. For more visit

Short promotional film about ‘Breathing Space,‘ a choir for people with breathing difficulties.



I cannot recommend Storylines highly enough, the quality of work and professionalism which was shown throughout the project beat all expectations.

Battling On had received funding through Comic Relief and Devon and Cornwall Community Foundations to run a pilot which used veterans to act as mentors and role models for young people who have disengaged with society. Storylines were commissioned to capture the voices and stories of these young people.

The project was called “Together We Can Succeed” and targeted some of the South West’s hardest to reach most disengaged young people. Storylines showed respect and compassion when working with these young people allowing them to truly express their thoughts and opinions. The quality of the stories Storylines produced demonstrates that they were able to put those involved at ease and capture their thoughts, feelings and expectations. Furthermore, through gaining a clear understanding of the project Storylines was able to clearly demonstrate the impact of the project to the funders.

As a not for profit organisation it is often very hard to really demonstrate the exact impact of grant funding. Statistics and paper reports more often than not do little justice to the work being done particularly when the impact is to people’s emotional well being. Storylines has helped us not only demonstrate the impact grants have made, it has given funders the invaluable opportunity to hear it first hand.

I would urge any organisation to use Storylines to capture what they do using the beneficiaries voice. It is a very powerful tool to use when seeking funding or raising awareness.

Nikki Markham, Founder and Director Battling On

Following the success of last year’s Tattoo Tales, we were very pleased to work again with Storylines on this year’s community project, Titanic Stories: Contemporary Voices. The project explores the emotive subject of migration past and present, telling the historic stories of those leaving Cornwall on the Titanic in 1912 juxtaposed against present day stories and experiences of people who have moved to Cornwall from overseas.

Once again, Storylines demonstrated sensitivity, professionalism and creativity in their recording and presenting of community stories. We were hugely impressed by their commitment to the project and the quality of their work and we look forward to any future collaboration with Sarah, Ali and the team!

Seth Hall, Formal Learning Officer, National Maritime Museum Cornwall