Digital Storytelling

Storylines specialise in digital storytelling to tell the stories of individuals, communities and social enterprises Storylines specialise in digital storytelling. We creatively weave together audio and images to tell the stories of individuals, communities or social enterprises. Digital stories have an array of exciting uses, within communities, educational settings, cultural hubs, and online.

Hilary's Story

Digital stories are short, accessible films that feature a first-hand story, accompanied by images or video. Digital storytelling is an extremely powerful and therapeutic process and this journey is just as important as the outcome. Through validating someone’s experiences, the process helps boost self-esteem and wellbeing.


Digital stories can be shared in a variety of ways such as at screening events, within exhibitions, at conferences, within workshops in communities or schools and online. Whether it’s a story about someone’s childhood passions translating into their life purpose, or a story about an industry which has vastly changed within living memory, digital storytelling is a valuable tool for opening discussions, breaking down barriers, inspiring others and encouraging empathy. You can watch many digital stories we have made on our vimeo channel. 


Tattoo Tales- Trevor's Story

Digital Story made for Tattoo Tales with the National Maritime Museum Cornwall.

Graham Lynn- Memories of a Beesands boy

Digital Story from ‘Guardians of the Reef’ project.


Following the success of last year’s Tattoo Tales, we were very pleased to work again with Storylines on this year’s community project, Titanic Stories: Contemporary Voices. The project explores the emotive subject of migration past and present, telling the historic stories of those leaving Cornwall on the Titanic in 1912 juxtaposed against present day stories and experiences of people who have moved to Cornwall from overseas.

Once again, Storylines demonstrated sensitivity, professionalism and creativity in their recording and presenting of community stories. We were hugely impressed by their commitment to the project and the quality of their work and we look forward to any future collaboration with Sarah, Ali and the team!

Seth Hall, Formal Learning Officer, National Maritime Museum Cornwall

I was blown away to see what you put together. It’s so lovely to see how you’ve used my photos and I’m surprised at how comfortable I sound. I’m really looking forward to the screening and seeing the other stories. Thank you so much for inviting me to be part of this project.

Digital Story sharer