Social Enterprise Stories

sharing social enterprise stories through heartfelt digital storytellingStorylines support other social enterprises to capture and share the amazing work they do. Through the voices of those who have been impacted the most, we create heartfelt digital stories. These present a real and in-depth portrait of a social enterprise.


We understand that social enterprises aren’t always the best at shouting about or explaining what they do. Through providing a comfortable and safe space for beneficiaries and team members to share, we are able to capture social enterprise stories in a meaningful and enjoyable way.


From hearing from people with breathing difficulties who have benefited from regularly singing together, to listening to children explain the benefits of immersive nature workshops, we have experience of drawing out personal stories from people of different ages and backgrounds.


Our approach is extremely sensitive and the person sharing is always our priority. This differs from some filmmaking, where the focus is on capturing the highest quality visuals. Our emphasis is always on making sure someone is comfortable and open to share, providing heartfelt testimonies. People who share their stories with us find the process of being listened to and reflecting enjoyable and empowering.


If you’d like to discus capturing your social enterprise story then we’d love to hear from you. 

Travis's Story


Our project targeted some of the South West’s hardest to reach most disengaged young people. Storylines showed respect and compassion when working with these young people allowing them to truly express their thoughts and opinions. The quality of the stories Storylines produced demonstrates that they were able to put those involved at ease and capture their thoughts, feelings and expectations. Furthermore, through gaining a clear understanding of the project Storylines was able to clearly demonstrate the impact of the project to the funders. Statistics and paper reports more often than not do little justice to the work being done particularly when the impact is to people’s emotional wellbeing, and I would urge any organisation to use Storylines to capture what they do using the beneficiarie’s voice. It is a very powerful tool to use when seeking funding or raising awareness.

Nikki Markham, Founder and Director Battling On