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Stories… we all have them… no matter what age we are or where we come from. Stories are our common language.

Telling stories helps us to express who we are, share our experiences and connect with others. When we listen to someone’s story, we are taken on a journey, automatically linking this with our own emotions and experiences. In this way sharing stories helps us to understand ourselves and each other, encouraging empathy and respect. Stories also have the power to inspire others.


is a Community Interest Company, which runs creative projects, workshops and events that use the common language of story to bring people together to share, celebrate, learn and connect. Digital storytelling is at the heart of much of our work, providing a fantastic way to celebrate and share personal stories.

Storylines supports people, organisations and communities to unearth and share their own stories through bespoke story projects, digital storytelling, education, oral history, workshops, interpretation, training and consultancy.

Our projects help foster new relationships between people of all ages, building stronger, more resilient communities. Storylines provides opportunities to address the ever growing isolation and loneliness of many older people by providing friendship, support, and raising self-esteem. We are particularly interested in the benefits of intergenerational exchanges.

Storylines projects cover a range of sectors that include social, cultural, health and heritage. We use a variety of creative approaches together with digital storytelling. Digital stories are short, accessible films that feature a first-hand story, accompanied by images or video. These can tell the stories of individuals, groups, projects, organisations or businesses and can be placed online and played at events. Watching digital stories helps to spark more stories, open up discussions and inspire others. Through helping people to share their stories, we aim to break down barriers and give a voice to a wide range of people, including those who are marginalised.

We are strong believers in collaboration. To enable our projects to be as effective and wide reaching as possible, we foster relationships with organisations, individuals, community groups and schools throughout the UK. If you or your organisation have a story to tell, then please get in touch.

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