So many memories at Helston Folk Museum

Posted on: 4th February 2013 2 Comments

A huge thanks to everyone who came to the Memory Day we held in collaboration with Helston Folk Museum and Kestle Barton last Saturday. The museum had selected some fascinating objects and photographs to display from their archive, inspiring some brilliant storytelling and reminiscing. We had a great turn out and, as ‘The Dark Rooms’ exhibition was being held in the Passmore Edwards building next door, Helston was buzzing!

The exhibition of photographs and objects as well as some short films made by the project are on show at Helston Museum until Friday (8th Feb) this week, so if anyone missed it there is still things to see. The museum is open every day this week from 10am-1pm- for those that don’t know where this is here’s a map-


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  1. Carla Eddy says:

    We attended on Saturday very nice to see the photos and people in the museum

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