Gathering children’s thoughts on Climate Change

Posted on: 14th October 2023 No Comments

Did you know that Bude is currently holding a Community Jury on Climate Change? It’s rather exciting and Storylines are excited to be playing a small role in it.

Organised by the Bude Climate Partnership and facilitated by Shared Future, a Community Jury have formed to talk about the vital issue of climate change. This small group of randomly selected people will enable the community to have their say on the future direction of their town and surrounding parishes. You can read more about it here.

As young people will bear the brunt of climate change, it felt important to include their voices in this process. To help with this, Storylines have created posters and packs for 16 classes of local children aged 7-11. Through a series of activities, teachers will gather children’s thoughts on climate change, as well as how they feel about it. This will be captured on huge colourful posters to provide the Community Jury with a different perspective.

Poster to gather childrens thoughts and feelings on Climate Change

Climate Change is such a huge and important topic, so listening to each other is vital. Whether it’s wisdom from the past, feelings from the present or inspirations for the future, there is great value in sharing with each other and discussing this complex subject in a way that is relevant to our lives. It’s all too easy to dismiss different generations viewpoints and experiences, but listen and you might be surprised. Children’s thoughts on climate change are so important to consider. This brilliant young man’s digital story definitely got adults thinking when we played it in Bude-

Lochy's Story

We’re looking forward to meeting the Community Jury in November, and hoping to spend time with members for further digital stories.

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