Coming between Geoffrey and his heifers!

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Standing in a field talking to a farmer you hear all sorts of stories; “Here’s where…” “That cow…” “As a child…”  Not often are they written down. Farmer Brindley Hosken, who is one of our group at Manaccan, records some of his experiences and thoughts in his written short stories… Here is the first…

Farming in Meneage by Brindley Hosken

At the moment at Withan we have about 150 heifers. We also have a Hereford bull called Geoffrey At the moment the scores are 30 pregnancies to Geoffrey and a rather magnificent gold winning 69 pregnancies to me…

Hereford Bull- Geoffrey

Hereford Bull- Geoffrey

We serve the heifers between 20th October to 20th  April, this ensures that the calves are born from the end of July till the end of January. Unfortunately Geoffrey cannot get this fact through his thick head and rather like the man in the Milk Tray advert, feels he must get through any barrier that stands in his way to deliver the goods.


The photo shows just what Geoffrey can do to a gate. He also likes to deliver more than chocolates when he gets there. It is VERY annoying. The gate will probably cost me around  £80 to replace and he is mucking up our calving pattern as well.

We try and keep him in with the in calf heifers and well away from the younger heifers but he is quite determined. All part of the many joys of farming, I suppose.

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