Here’s to the flower farms…

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Another type of farming in Cornwall is of course flower farming. Over 2010 we spent time with a range of Cornish flower farms, photographing their daily activities and interviewing the farmers. As with other types of farming, flower farming has seen dramatic changes within living memory. It was a really pleasure to see how things worked and hear stories about the past. Here are a few photographs from the year on flower farms…

flower1 flower2 flower3 flower4 flower5 flower6 flower7 flower8 flower9 flower10
Picking daffodils on a rainy day with Winchester Growers

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  1. studio870 says:

    Lovely …

  2. Simon says:

    My Gran regularly tells me about her time on the flower farms. “You don’t know what cold is until you’re out picking flowers with ice in the stems”

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