‘Crying the neck’ footage- What have you got in your shoebox?!

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Rex Whelan with 'the neck'

Rex Whelan with ‘the neck’

It’s always a real treat when people discover rolls of cine film, usually hidden away at the bottom of a draw or in an old shoebox. These films are windows on the past- often shot over the last 80 years they highlight how quickly times are changing. It’s for this reason that it’s so important to record people’s stories and collect old photographs and footage, preserving these for future generations.

‘Tallys an Tir’ will allow people to share memories, photographs and footage. As well as helping to provide days where people can delve into local archives, we want people to share their own personal collections of photographs/footage. So if you have any cine film or photographs that show Cornwall’s rural past then please do get in touch and share.

The film below is some cine film from 1970 of ‘Crying the neck’ in Zennor. Carrying out the ceremony is Rex Whelan who kindly donated this footage. For those of you who knew Zennor in the past I’m sure there are some familiar faces to enjoy!

Crying the Neck- Zennor 1970

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