Women of the land

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This weekend was ‘Myrhes Kernow- Daughters of Cornwall,’ a conference led by the Institute of Cornish Studies and held at Penryn. There were some really interesting talks over the day, and some great stories of inspirational women. Farming is often depicted as a masculine industry, however women have played a key role in the running of farms, throughout the ages. Below are some links to material I showed at the conference, providing some individual voices from women involved with the land…

Some photographs collected over the project:

This’ll make you smile… here is Heather reading an article on the many roles of a farmers wife, and giving her own thoughts…

Heather- the many roles of a farmers wife...

Also on the role of a farmer’s wife, but going back further in time, this extract is from the writings of Gwendoline Eva (nee James 1898- 1985), who left the life of a teacher to become a farmers wife in Cornwall in the early 1900’s. This story is read by Gwendoline’s daughter, Susanne Carter (nee Eva), who now lives in St.Martin-in-Meneage.

Gwen Eva's Story- from teacher to farmers wife in the early 1900's

This clip was taken from an oral history interview with Arthur Matthews, conducted last year. Amazing how his widowed Mother managed the farm and the children….

Arthur- audio extract

Last but not least, the wonderful Mickie who was a land girl in Penzance…

Mickie's Story- Becoming a Land Girl from StoryLines on Vimeo.

Mickie's Story- Becoming a driver for the Land Army from StoryLines on Vimeo.

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