Memories & celebrations at RoseHip Barn…

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A couple of weeks ago we had some film screenings and exhibition of the work created in the St.Clether area, working with local primary schools and the Kempthorne family from Trefranck Farm.

This short film contains memories of the barn, and reflections for future plans. The farm itself has been in the family since 1703, and their plans for the building are very inspiring-

Family memories of the farm barn- RoseHip Barn from StoryLines on Vimeo.

For those who follow this blog, you may also remember the film I made from the cats perspective, detailing the changes through feline eyes.

The Cats of Trefranck- farming history through a cats eyes from StoryLines on Vimeo.

Mrs.Tibbs meets Mrs.Tibbs (Audrey!)

Mrs.Tibbs meets Mrs.Tibbs (Audrey!)

This film was used in the work we carried out in local schools. And for this final event, Mrs.Tibbs met Mrs.Tibbs! Or really I should say the voice of Mrs.Tibbs, Audrey Caust, met Mrs.Tibbs.

Here are a few more photographs from the day:

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A few of the hundreds of chicken that lived upstairs in the barn

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