Lets celebrate Cornish Dialect…

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There’s something wonderful about Cornish dialect… And speaking to Cornish farmers has revealed a whole range of interesting words and phrases. Of course these can vary hugely depending on where you are in Cornwall.

I am currently making a short film with some of these in… but until then here is some local dialect for birds and animals as well as a few adjectives. These were kindly provided by John Benallick from St.Wenn (more to follow!)… Please feel free to message me with more words and phrases.

Curley:                    Curlew
Graybird:                 Thrush
Wynnard:                Redwing
Horniwink:               Lapwing
Ykymuke:                Blue tit
Dishwasher:            Wagtail

Jan Jakes:               A snail
Applebee:                A wasp
Want:                       A mole
4 legged emmet:      Lizard
Sowpig:                   Woodlouse
(Grandma sows further west)

To clunk:                 To swallow
Coose:                    To chase
Licking:                    A beating
Suant:                      To spread or sow seeds etc
Scrow:                     To scratch or a scratch
Grizzle:                     To snigger. Grinning.
Slock:                       To encourage or coax
Barling:                     To be noisy
Glaze:                       To stare or give fiery look

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