We devise and deliver story-focused workshops on any theme for people of all ages and abilities. Workshops are tailored with the people, organisations and communities we work with at the forefront of our minds and we use a range of creative approaches to help people to share, document and enjoy stories.


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Workshop to document memories of a significant place, Marazion


Our workshops for adults always have a relaxed, open and supportive framework, allowing people to make meaningful connections with each other through the sharing of personal stories. We support people to turn their memories into something that can be taken home, shared with friends and family and treasured into the future.


For more information about workshops for children and young people visit here.



We have travelled on a story journey… opening doors into our pasts, presents, where our stories come from. Thank you for leading us along the way. It has been a pleasure to share, to listen, to record and to celebrate these stories. We are each our own best storyteller. We are each the guardian of our stories. I carry my stories with me wherever I go. I feel more connected to them now somehow. 

Lisa Williams, participant


A wonderful experience. I have particularly enjoyed meeting such lovely people and hear their fascinating stories. As someone said, “Everybody has a story to tell.” Your warm and caring approach and your willingness to be flexible and adaptable have helped us all to progress as individuals through the sessions. Thank you. 

Susan Soyinka, participant


Very thought provoking and inspiring. This workshop took me to my formative years more than I had expected it to and I have created a very precious article which I will keep to look at and use to inspire further work. Thank you. 

June Trezise, participant