We enjoy working with people of all ages and between the Storylines team we have decades of experience of working in the education sector, whether that be working with early years, or supporting a group of young people.

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Responding to stories of Merchant Schooners for the Rhoda Mary Project


Our work with schools uses stories as starting points for exploring a variety of themes, leading to new ways of learning, sharing and creativity. We also encourage schools to involve their wider community, connecting generations through the common language of story. Through previous projects we have developed ‘Story Explorers’ which gives children the skills, impetus and enthusiasm to discover and record stories from friends, family and the local community. The ‘Story Explorer’ process is a fantastic way of connecting families and communities. Children delight when they learn that their parents actually had lives before them!

The Legend of Dupath Well... rewritten

A workshop we ran as part of ‘Landmark Travels- Our past in a suitcase.’ Film by Storylines.

We develop innovative and exciting resources for children and young people, which have stories at their heart and provide different ways of exploring places and themes. These include our ‘Landmark Travels’ suitcase resources which are free to borrow through the Cornwall Heritage Trust and an online resource for engaging children with local farming stories. 


We also love working with young people to support them to do amazing things, learn new skills and grow in confidence. We do this through bespoke training and support that is designed to best meet the needs and wishes of the young people.



Wow- what a great few days for the children and staff. Creativity, independent thinking, enquiry and confidence was built over the duration of the project. It is so important for children to learn about their local history and have an appreciation for it. This project was perfect for this! I’ve learnt a lot myself, and look forward to implementing some of their ideas into future teaching. Very inspirational and engaging. I hope that we can work together in the future.

Josh McDonald, class teacher at St. Buryan Academy


What a wonderful experience the Storylines workshop was. So creative and immersive, the children were engaged throughout. There were plenty of opportunities for the children to be creative and a good level of support was provided for those who were less confident in their artistic abilities. The workshop made history come alive in our classroom and the pupils have produced a spectacular piece of artwork of which they are immensely proud.

Katie Thurston, Class 6 teacher at Devoran School


The children absorbed and learned more than they might have done over weeks in the classroom. Children were engaged with and immersed in their local heritage, giving them a sense of their place in time and history. The experience was very rewarding and the children are still talking about it months later!

Dr. Brian McCaldrin, Headteacher at Luxulyan Primary School