Turning Seasons

Turning Seasons procession

Turning Seasons was a collaborative project between Storylines, Kestle Barton and artist Julia Giles. The project worked with Early Years children from the 5 Primary Schools in the Keskowethyans Trust on the Lizard.

The Keskerdh an Kammva-dro

Using the artist Julia Giles’ installation The Keskerdh an Kammva-dro as a starting point, the project explored the changing seasons and the importance of these to our relationship with the land. This installation and performance draws upon traditional farming ceremonies and rituals conducted locally to mark the cycle of the seasons. It requires a 300 metre march around a route marked out in the shape of a cross (The Kammva-dro). Marchers follow the route around the cycle of the seasons, waving banners or branches and banging instruments to a four part beat. The idea being that the noise and energy generated keeps the turnstile of seasons moving.

Performance preparation

In school, to prepare for this performance, the children explored the seasons using movement, painting, language, visual prompts, stories and role play. This included placing colours, objects, clothing, words, images and fresh produce into the 4 seasonal arms of the Kammva-Dro cross. They then made leaf headdresses and a range of instruments, including drums, shakers, and wind instruments to be used during the performance at Kestle Barton.

Turning Seasons Procession & Workshop

The project culminated in a day-long visit to Kestle Barton in October 2014. This included participation in a Big Draw event. This was inspired by the exhibition of Hannah Woodman’s ‘Garden Drawings,’ which depict the gardens at Kestle Barton through the seasons. After engaging with them, the children produced their own ‘garden drawings’ using graphite and charcoal. These were later installed on a free-standing screen in the centre of the Kammva Dro before the final procession began.

After putting on their costumes and grabbing their instruments, the children processed around the Kammva Dro, turning the seasons in a colourful and noisy performance! Parents, grandparents and the general public came to watch and join in with the performance and join in with the celebrations.


  • 'Turning Seasons'
  • The Seasons' Turning by Julia Giles

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  • “Working on Turning Seasons with Storylines was a dynamic and successful collaboration. Their experience and creative approach to working with the school children made them a wonderful ambassador for the project and for Kestle Barton’s relationship with the local community as they ventured into the schools to work with them prior to our hosted event.
    The day of the event itself was well prepared and teeming with young, creative interest and energy skillfully channeled to drawing and mark making; filling the gallery with inspired efforts and spilling out into the orchard to celebrate the ‘turning of the seasons’ with Julia Giles procession.
    In all of our collaborations with Storylines their dedication, professional and enthusiastic attitude, preparation and follow-up are always impressive and make them a joy to work alongside. Their creative approach combined with their skill and experience working with people of all ages to create and orate stories is original and a real contribution to local communities and individuals…and Kestle Barton.”
    Dr Ryya Bread, Curatorial Director of Kestle Barton
  • Thanks for a brilliant project, the children loved it! The introduction in school was very enjoyable for both adults and children. The children really enjoyed learning about the seasons in an active way and produced work that they were very proud of and could take home to show parents. The workshops introduced the seasons very well and allowed all the children to be involved regardless of ability.”
    Tamsyn Kelly, class teacher, St.Keverne Primary School
  • “Just a quick message to say a huge ‘thank you’ to you and all of the talented team … all the children & adults I had the opportunity to speak to afterwards had thoroughly enjoyed the event.”
    Wendy Prescott, Co ordinator of Keskowethyans Trust

Funders & Links

This project was kindly funded by:

Ernest Cook Trust Feast Cornwall