Robertson Family Collection Object Stories

Robertson family collection object stories filming

After being shipwrecked by killer whales in the Pacific ocean in 1972, the Robertson family, along with hitchhiker Robin, survived 38 days at sea until they were rescued. 50 years on, Storylines had the privilege of recording their stories to make a series of films, centred on the objects which saved their lives.

Object Stories

The artefacts in the Robertson Family Collection, housed at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall, include many of the objects which supported the group through their 38 days at sea. These include the 9 foot dinghy the Ednamair, fishing hooks, shark’s teeth, a logbook, embroidery and turtle oil.

Reintroducing this fascinating collection to family members and Robin was an absolute privilege. The stories that were provoked painted a captivating picture of their experience. Handling these objects for the first time in many years was extremely evocative. Smell, sound and touch all invoked memories. The sound of a lid being opened, the smell of a sail bag, the senses were enlivened.

Films & Recordings

Following the recording days, Storylines spent many hours editing together a series of 12 short, accessible films These digital stories will later be presented in a new display at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall. Displaying the stories alongside the objects will help bring the collection to life, enabling audiences to see the objects through the eyes of those whose lives they saved.

Full recordings of the interviews will be accessible through the Museum’s archives, providing a valuable addition to the collection.



  • Robertson Family Collection Object Stories- Turtle oil
  • Robertson Family Collection Object Stories- Ednamair
  • Robertson Family Collection Object Stories- logbook


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