Linking Lifetimes- Praze an Beeble

‘Linking Lifetimes’ is an innovative project bringing generations together to share, connect and learn through the common language of story.

This exciting Storylines project will explore how primary schools can benefit from a deeper involvement with the wider community, providing new opportunities to enrich the lives of both young and old community members.

‘Linking Lifetimes’ will be working in Praze-an-Beeble for a year, holding a series of events and workshops that will enable an exchange of stories between children and adults. We all have stories and so they are a wonderful way of nurturing new relationships, breaking down barriers and encouraging empathy, respect and understanding between generations.

Workshops and events will take place both within the community and at Crowan Primary School, and will explore different ways to share and capture stories. This will include recording first-hand stories; holding Memory Days; creating digital stories; undertaking Memory Walks around the village; starting a story club and facilitating postal exchanges. The aim is to involve as many people as possible so that these links and ways of working can live on beyond the end of this project.

As part of the project the community will design and produce a collaborative artwork that will represent the gathered stories and remain in the community as a celebration of those involved.

The project will end with a community celebration in Summer 2016, bringing together all the material produced by both children and adults. There will also be food, music and games.

To follow the project as it progresses read our blog posts on the project here.


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  • I have really enjoyed collecting stories and have found out lots about my family history.” Ella, pupil at Crowan School
  • The Storylines project is a fantastic way of getting the whole community sharing stories” Mrs.Spoors, class teacher at Crowan School
  • I’m really enjoying this project. It is very fun and exciting. We hope that putting post boxes around the village might involve a lot more people in the project.” Roxxi, year 6 pupil at Crowan School

Funders & Links

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