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In collaboration with the Penlee Family Project, Storylines created a series of bespoke books to enable people of all ages to share their stories. There is huge value in intergenerational exchange and these books aimed to support this.

The first book to enter the library brought together people’s experiences and stories of lockdown and Covid-19. Through a series of 100 creative, story-sharing packs, Storylines provided resources, prompts and activities that enabled people of all ages to contribute towards the book. This process has provided families with a framework for reflection and healing. It also provided those who are isolated an opportunity to connect with others and engage with something creative. This was made possible with additional funding from the Cornwall Community Foundation.

Storylines have also created a series of seasonal hand-made books to enable monthly exchanges between children and adults in the community.

Over time we hope to build a collection of books which can be treasured and explored for years to come.


  • Story exchange book
  • Stories from Lockdown 2020- Community book 1
  • Stories from Lockdown 2020- Community book 2

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  • “Working through the packs has helped me to explore a few isolation emotions that I hadn’t previously realised. It helped me to remember the positives from the Covid experience so far. The combination of writing and drawing helped to engage creatively. Thank you for the opportunity to participate.”
  • “We have enjoyed thinking back over the last few months together as a family and getting creative. It’s kept us busy and helped the children talk about how they feel. We really enjoyed all the different activities.”
  • “It was such a joy to do the packs. A chance to process this experience and to reflect on what has happened to me, my family but also worldwide. It has helped ‘repair’ and order the experience. Thank you for the opportunity. ”

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