‘Landmark Travels- Our past in a suitcase’

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Landmark Travels- Our past in a suitcase’ was an exciting project that unearthed stories, traditions and histories connected with landmarks throughout Cornwall. Exploring memories of place, the project was delivered in partnership with the Cornwall Heritage Trust and the Institute of Cornish Studies.

‘Landmark Travels’ involved people of all ages. These included primary schools, communities, CHT trustees, artists and University students. Memories of place are always evocative and make a perfect springboard for learning, connection and creativity.

Capturing Memories of Place

Through oral history interviews, workshops, memory days, digital storytelling, family days, study days and community celebrations the project explored, documented and celebrated landmarks and their place within the community. It focused on 5 Cornish landmarks ; Carn Euny in Sancreed, Treffry Viaduct in Luxulyan, Carn Grey near St.Austell, Dupath Well near Callington and the bridge and Trevanion Culverhouse in Wadebridge.

Schools Workshops

Our work in primary schools used specially designed suitcases to help children explore the landmarks on their doorstep. Digital stories, created as part of the project, provided accessible starting points for learning, discovery and creativity. Over 3 day-long workshops which included a site visit, each class creatively transformed their newly found knowledge and experiences. Children produced wonderful memory badges, writing and artwork that was folded, posted and attached to the inside of the travelling suitcases. Children made new memories of place, as well as learnt about how the landmarks on their doorsteps have featured in the lives of generations before them. These suitcases toured different primary schools encouraging an exchange between children and deepening a sense of place. The suitcase resources are now being facilitated through the Cornwall Heritage Trust. 

Celebratory Events and Screenings

‘Landmark Travels’ culminated in 5 celebratory events and screenings that showcased the collected material. These events included exhibitions of the suitcases and a display of written material, digital stories, films, photographs, research and artwork created by the numerous groups involved.

To learn more about the project you can read the blog posts here.



  • Summer Camp- Joe's story of camping down the estuary from Wadebridge
  • 'Landmark Travels' at Treffry Viaduct in the Luxulyan Valley
  • A Landscape Layered with Stories- A view from Carn Grey Rock

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  • “The children absorbed and learned more than they might have done over weeks in the classroom. Children were engaged with and immersed in their local heritage, giving them a sense of their place in time and history. The experience was very rewarding and the children are still talking about it months later!”
    Dr. Brian McCaldrin, Headteacher at Luxulyan Primary School
  • “Wow- what a great few days for the children and staff. Creativity, independent thinking, enquiry and confidence was built over the duration of the project. It is so important for children to learn about their local history and have an appreciation for it. This project was perfect for this! I’ve learnt a lot myself, and look forward to implementing some of their ideas into future teaching. Very inspirational and engaging. I hope that we can work together in the future.”
    Josh McDonald, class teacher at St. Buryan Academy
  • “The workshop was great. Very thought provoking and inspiring. Took me to my more formative years more than I expected it to. I enjoyed creating a very precious article which I will keep to look at and use to inspire further work.”
    June Trezise, participant in a Landmark Memories workshop, Lostwithiel