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delivering climate change community engagement sessions using stories in Bude

As a project partner of the Bude Climate Partnership, Storylines spent time around Bude collecting memories, reflections and photographs that explored the areas heritage, culture and environment. The resulting digital stories form the heart of 9 innovative toolkits. These aim to help the community share their own memories, learn from others and consider what’s important to their community in the face of a changing climate. As well as the physical travelling resources, the toolkits have been adapted for online use.

Over Spring 2022 Storylines used these toolkits to pilot a series of climate change community engagement sessions. There is such value in getting together to share with each other in this way, especially after the last couple of years. The sessions were thoroughly enjoyed and although we were discussing some quite complex themes, there was lots of laughter. It was wonderful to witness so many exchanges of experiences, ideas and knowledge.

Exciting next steps…

Following the initial pilot project, the Bude Climate Partnership has been awarded a grant of £1,995,503.67 for 2023–2027. This is through the TNLCF’s Climate Action Fund. The programme of six projects is designed to help residents and businesses in the Bude Community Network Area prepare for and protect themselves and our surroundings against the vast uncertainties that lie ahead because of climate change. Storylines are delighted to continue working in partnership with the Bude Climate Partnership for this exciting next phase. Our climate change community engagement will continue through Community Storytelling Project. This will include adding to the series of existing digital stories as well as creating further toolkits.

Bude Climate Partnership is a group of local environmental organisations working together to develop positive community-led climate-change responses throughout the wider Bude area.


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  • “I feel I’ve gained loads from this. If everybody does their bit and if everybody’s exposed to this sort of knowledge. It makes me want to go out now and put things in my life to help. People inspire you.
  • Excellent in every respect – the right combination of input and sharing and SO interesting and informative. Thank you very much indeed.
  • “The sessions have been first and foremost fun. it’s a deep subject but we’ve had fun discussing it and we have gone deep into it in a lot of ways. And what I found encouraging is how many people locally are doing far more than I’d ever have dreamed they were doing and how little things matter.” 

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