A Flock of Stories

‘A Flock of Stories’ will unearth fascinating stories of seasonal celebrations and personal moments centred around the church and chapel in the Cornish community of Four Lanes. With support from the Cornwall Heritage Trust this project will enable local people to celebrate their stories creatively and provide a resource to encourage schools and other groups to delve deeper into the life of their local church.


Past projects undertaken by Storylines have revealed the hidden importance of either a church or chapel to the local community and its landscape. These were vital community hubs at a time when the majority of people attended church or chapel, sometimes 3 times on a Sunday. As a result they became steeped in local traditions, witnessed personal landmarks and hosted time honoured celebrations. In effect they became the vessel that held the community narrative and most storylines lead back there.


Through this pilot project we will be uncovering stories from the community of Four Lanes where there are both a Church of England and a Methodist chapel. The village was also once home to two other chapels. We aim to capture and preserve the memories entwined around these places of worship and provide creative ways for the local community to pass on these to others and build new connections within the area. A series of workshops and Memory days will allow community members to create a long lasting story based artwork which can be shared between the villages and prompt conversation and other often long hidden reminiscences. The project will also be involved in creating a vibrant teaching resource, which will hopefully encourage schools and families to visit these churches and leave their own mark behind.


By learning from this pilot project we hope to expand the project to other localities in the future and provide a blueprint for other communities to capture and share stories of their own churches and chapels. If you’d be interested in exploring how this project might feature in your own community in the future then please do drop us an email on hello@storylines.org.uk.


For news as the project progresses read our blog posts here…


With sincere thanks to the Cornwall Heritage Trust for funding this pilot project and supporting our work.


  • Video ThumbnailThis Storylines project unearthed stories of community celebrations and personal moments that have taken place within the church and chapels of the Cornish village of Four Lanes, enabling the community to celebrate their stories creatively and providing a resource to encourage schools and other groups to delve deeper into the life of their local church’s and chapels. The project took place in 2018-19 and was kindly funded by the Cornwall Heritage Trust.

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