Media: Tallys an Tir; Traditions & Stories of the Land


  • Mickie's Story- Becoming a Land Girl
  • John's Story- dialect of a Cornish Farmer
  • Altarnun School at Rosehip Barn
  • Photographing farming families in the 1990's- John Head- Cornwall
  • Steve's Story- Livestock Farming through the generations
  • Rex's Story 'From Horses to Tractors' memories of a farmer in St.Martin, Cornwall
  • John's Story- Crying the Neck
  • Arthur's Story- Fields all have names
  • The Cats of Trefranck- farming history through a cats eyes
  • Mickie's Story- Becoming a driver for the Land Army
  • Heather's Story- A changing climate
  • Heather's Story- Childhood memories of farming in Cornwall
  • Harry's Story- dairy farming through the generations
  • Fleetwood's Story- Memories of the Roseland
  • Family memories of the farm barn- RoseHip Barn
  • cedric
  • "Anything to keep us out!" Memories of St.Mawes Castle
  • 'Thinking back a bit' a Cornish dialect poem by Brian Harris
  • Marleen's Story
  • Memories of Crying the Neck in Zennor, Cornwall
  • Ray's Story- Thrashing Days
  • Michael Blee's Story- Harvesting in 1900- Threshing Days
  • Bill's Story- Farming through the generations