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Pub Stories with Small Acts

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Part of Storylines work involved supporting others to record and share oral history. A while back we supported the brilliant Katie and Simon from Small Acts through bespoke oral history training. The oral histories they captured were from brewers, publicans, communities and pub campaigners in Cornwall, exploring the enduring role of pubs in our lives at a time when the future of so many hangs in the balance.

The resulting live performance ‘Future Pub’ debates and celebrates the power and potential of community whilst gathering a deeper understanding of what the pub of the future will look like. Conjuring the social territories, atmospheres and comfortingly familiar eccentricities of traditional local pubs, the show incorporates original writing, film, live music, games and of course a time machine to transport audiences to the pub of the future!

They have added an Autumn tour from 19th oct- 20th November 2023, so book tickets here: https://linktr.ee/smallactsliveart

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you may win a prize and you’ll never take pubs for granted again!

We are passionate about the power of sitting and deeply listening to someone and love to help others bring stories into their work. Through bespoke oral history training we are able to share our skills and experience, giving others the skills and confidence to head out with a recorder and discover the magic of oral history. If you’re interested in weaving stories into your work, then please do get in touch.

Since training with Storylines we have interviewed 9 people in 4 different outdoor locations. Everyone really enjoyed the experience and was very positive about it. Your training helped us enormously with all aspects of this. Simon and I really enjoyed the whole process and felt so much more confident and prepared for the interviews. The clarity, integrity, sensitivity and rigour of your approach to oral history interviews was an excellent grounding for being able to conduct these interviews in such different and high stakes circumstances. And the “is there anything else you would like to share” question worked like magic every time!!
Katie Etheridge, Small Acts

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