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Object Stories at the Maritime Museum

Posted on: 30th December 2022 No Comments

Everyday objects can hold incredible stories. This was certainly the case for the stories we heard from the Robertson family at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall. Each object story provides a portal into this familie’s incredible experience.

After being shipwrecked by killer whales in the Pacific ocean in 1972, the Robertson family, along with hitchhiker Robin, survived 38 days at sea until they were rescued. 50 years on Storylines had the privilege of recording their recollections of the objects which saved their lives. These include the 9 foot dinghy the Ednamair, as well as other artefacts such as shark’s teeth, embroidery and turtle oil. It was particularly special for the Robertson family and Robin to be able to handle these objects. Smell, sound and touch were important ways to access old memories. The sound of a lid being opened, the smell of a sail bag, the senses were enlivened. This led to even more vivid and emotive stories.

Each object story helps bring this fascinating collection to life and the full recordings will provide a valuable addition to the museum’s archives. We loved working with the museum and Robertson family on these films and are excited to share a few here.

Robertson Family Collection Object Stories- Turtle oil

Robertson Family Collection Object Stories- Ednamair

Robertson Family Collection Object Stories- logbook

Digital Storytelling provides a great way to bring an object story to life in museums and archives and can be used in displays, screenings and workshops.

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