Clay Country Kemeneth book

Posted on: 9th April 2021 3 Comments

Clay Country Kemeneth book 2021

We’ve absolutely loved receiving people’s memories and reflections of the Clay Country Kemeneth (community), contributed through the story-sharing packs we sent out last year, and have now finished putting together this special community book. These books have been posted out to everyone who contributed and we have been delighted to hear how well received these have been. Contributors have been proud to see their stories in print, joyed by the stories of others and reminded of more of their own memories.

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As this is our first book, it’s been a really good learning curve for Storylines and another thing we can now confidently incorporate into future projects. Thank you again to everyone who shared with us and to Feast and the Big Lottery Fund for funding this project.

If you would like to buy a copy then visit Wheal Martyn Museum shop or the Spyrys a Gernow website. 

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  1. Zenna Tagney says:

    This looks wonderful! Is it possible to buy a copy?
    I’m about to undertake my own project collecting stories from Clay Country (see here: would be great if we could link up somehow?

    Oll an gwella,
    Zenna Tagney

  2. Carol Weir says:

    Hi, I got to see a copy of this book & it’s really lovely. Are there any more copies of this book available anywhere?
    Best wishes, Carol

  3. Sarah Storylines says:

    If anyone still wants to buy a copy they are available at the Wheal Martyn shop and online through

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