Stitching Stories in Four Lanes

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Creatively interpreting a collection of gathered stories is always an exciting part of the work we do at Storylines. It’s a way of making stories accessible to many more people, instigating new conversations and providing opportunities for contributors to have fun and explore unexpected ways of documenting their memories.

Stitching Stories

Our recent workshops with the Starlings of Four Lanes saw the Methodist Chapel filled with tables, each bearing a cloth figure that would need decorating before being sandwiched between the Perspex figures that had recently been used in the Remembrance celebrations. They were all arranged in themes and coincided with the stories we had heard. So for example we had one about Sunday School, one about harvest, one about celebrations and so on. Our gathered Starlings set to work creating embroideries and adornments to the colourful digitally printed text and archive photos that told their stories, adding vibrancy to the figures. Thank you Father Peter for a very life – like interpretation of a Marigold bus that would have been used to transport ‘tea treaters’ to the seaside.

A Flock of Stories- Four Lanes

This communal artwork celebrating the stories of church and chapel in Four Lanes will be shared within the community and will live between these venues.

A Flock of Stories Education Resources

It will also be accompanied by a resource pack which will contain information about the figures and suggestions of activities and follow up work that can be used by schools and other groups.

Thank you to all who have taken part in this very rewarding project, it is truly a ‘flock of stories.’ Thank you also to the Cornwall Heritage Trust for making the project possible.

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