‘Revealing City Hall: One Building, 1265 Voices’

Posted on: 4th July 2017 2 Comments

As we have learned through our recent project ‘Landmark Travels- Our Past in a Suitcase,’ buildings are often steeped in stories. Historic buildings are at the heart of many Cornish towns and villages, providing a backdrop to 21st Century life. For some these buildings go largely un-noticed, for others they have played a key part in their life; places of work, romance, recreation and drama.

The Hall for Cornwall, once City Hall, in Truro, has a rich and unique 350 year history. Over the years, the building has been many things to many people. A fire station, Courts of Justice, cinema, skating rink, food market, rifle range, jail, theatre and seat of political power. It has survived fire and economic downturn; provided a platform for civic unrest and played host to award-winning shows.

In September 2016, Hall for Cornwall received development funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to work on a pilot project entitled Revealing City Hall: One Building, 1265 Voices . This initial funding was recognition of the building’s importance at the heart of Cornwall’s history and community and will help them to progress plans to apply for a full grant later on this year.

Storylines was delighted to contribute to this project, and we have enjoyed spending time with a number of people with stories connected to the building, recording their memories and exploring different ways of sharing these.

One person we had the pleasure of spending time with was John MacCoughlan, who spent years working in the building as the maintenance officer. We loved his memories of Truro Fatstock Show, which used to be held in City Hall, so have created both a collage and a digital story. Enjoy….

Memories of Truro City Hall- Fatstock Fiasco


Do you have a story to share about City Hall? 

Whatever your story or memory – whether historical or present day, funny or sad, personal or public – the Hall for Cornwall would love to hear about it. Come and be part of their unique journey as they look to unveil previously untold stories of the building and shape an exciting new chapter in Hall for Cornwall’s history.

To share your story, please send a brief outline (150 words max) to Getinvolved@hallforcornwall.org.uk.

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