What a couple!

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Recently we wrote about some of the recordings that we have been doing as part of a partnership project with the Rhoda Mary Project. One couple we had the pleasure of spending time with was Robbie and Maureen Tatlow- a couple with a passion for schooners that was infectious and inspiring. We learnt a lot from our visits, so instead of making 1 digital story as we had initially planned, we ended up making 2 short films.

The first helps to explain what a schooner is; their role, size, journeys, construction and importance to local communities in Cornwall. This will be perfect for us to use in our upcoming workshop with Devoran School, and provides a really great introduction to merchant schooners-

Merchant Schooners... explained

The next film weaves together family stories of schooners, and captures how Robbie and Maureen’s interest in these vessels has shaped their lives, hobbies and indeed their front room (or should we say museum).

For the Love of Sail

We are very lucky to have Robbie and Maureen joining us for our workshop with Devoran School, especially as they plan to sing the song they have written about the Rhoda Mary to the class.

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