The Rhoda Mary and other Ferris boats

Posted on: 16th June 2017 3 Comments

We are delighted to share this film in which 4 members of the Ferris family discuss their family boatbuilding heritage, as well as present day links to the industry. Stories of the Rhoda Mary, a famed West Country schooner, as well as tales about it’s designer William ‘Foreman’ Ferris, have passed down the generations, and this film captures just some of these-

The Rhoda Mary & other Ferris boats

This film was made by Storylines in partnership with the Rhoda Mary Project as part of a community heritage project made possible with funding from the Cornwall Heritage Trust.
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  1. Marjorie Webb says:

    This film was a delight especially for us in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. We are eagerly awaiting news of when the Rhoda Mary will set sail as we want to be there. The stories of this shipbuilding family are stories we have never heard before.

    Why are we in Canada interested? Because William Foreman Ferris was my great great grandfather. (His son William married Lydia Vinnicombe and they had a daughter Lydia who married Orlando Webb. They had a son Alfred James who was my father. They ultimately moved to Canada where we still reside.)

    • Stephen Hart says:

      Good afternoon

      My name is Stephen Hart and I live in small village in Cornwall England.
      I have been asked by a friend to look at his Family Tree for him. He is Daniel Luke Rendle (born 1979 in Cornwall) His mother is Josephine A Ferris born 1947 in Cornwall. According to my records William (Foreman) Ferris is her 2nd Great Uncle.

      If you use Ancestry I would be happy to invite you to look at my tree and would be pleased if I could see yours?

      My email address is

      Many thanks for your time



  2. Michelle Williams says:

    William Ferris was my 4x great grandfather. My family still live nearby.

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