‘A Landscape Layered with Stories’ film

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The exhibition may be over, but the film we created lives on and we are delighted to share it here…

A Landscape Layered with Stories- A view from Carn Grey Rock

This film is the culmination of many hours spent perched on Carn Grey rock, in all weathers, with a group of local people willing to share their intimate memories of this natural landmark and its surrounding landscape.

The rock has been the backdrop to their lives and the stories and photographs in the film reflect the changing nature both of this landscape and of their personal and working lives.

Over the hours of recording, the weather gradually cleared and glimpses of the landscape were revealed and so too were the stories. Each new view revealed, triggered forgotten memories. We were treated to mischievous childhood incidents, insights into now obsolete working practices and accounts of enchanting village events. As with most stories, deep connections emerged whether with the natural landmark itself or intimately with one another, either as best friends, neighbours, work colleagues or family.

Thank you to everyone who gave up their time to take part and for their endeavour in searching out long forgotten photographs to enrich the stories.

We hope you have enjoyed listening to these stories from Carn Grey rock and that they may trigger memories of this site or of other landmarks in your area.

This film was part of the ‘Landmark Travels- Our past in a suitcase’ project in partnership with the Institute of Cornish Studies and Cornwall Heritage Trust. It is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Cornwall Heritage Trust.

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