Artists capture Carn Grey

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It’s not long now until the ‘A Landscape Layered with Stories’ Exhibition at Wheal Martyn Museum, and we are very excited to say the least!

As well as prompting stories, landscapes also inspire artists, and we are happy to be including some responses from artists, many of which are students, within the exhibition.

We have been fortunate to have the very talented and lovely Megan Fatharly working with us, who is currently studying drawing at Falmouth University. Megan, Sam Scales and other Falmouth based artists have come together to create work which responds to Carn Grey’s unique and vast landscape. Through printmaking, drawing, photography and other mediums the landscape layered with stories has been captured visually.

UnknownMegan explains, “when Sam and I went to Carn Grey we didn’t really know what to expect, it was a really misty day, raining a lot and finding it was a challenge. However this is something that both our work is influenced by, perfect for Sam’s photography and capturing the atmosphere of Carn Grey. We took an unconventional route up to the rocks, through miles and miles of ferns which has now becoming a running joke and motif which runs through a lot of the work we put together for the exhibition. While on location we collected rocks, forna and leaves to take back to start work on documenting our response to the rocks, water and vastness that is Carn Grey.”

Other work created by artists includes capturing the textures and colours of the landscapes by printmaking and drawing. Megan comments, “the beautiful thing about this artistic collaboration is how a different generation of artists and people are responding to a landscape which has hundreds of years of Cornish history embedded in it. It has been a real privilege to work with Sam, Storylines and other artists who’ve contributed to the exhibition.”

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