Delving into personal archives… the recordings commence!

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The ‘Linking Lifetimes’ project in Praze is now in full swing, and we are looking forward to bringing the community group and children from Crowan Primary School together in a couple of weeks.

First sight of the Story Canvas

First sight of the Story Canvas

Of course the children have already listening to stories from the adults they will meet through recordings of school days that were played in the classroom. The children particularly enjoyed the naughty stories and were quite shocked at some! To illustrate some of these memories, the children have begun creating Story Canvasses in 3D textiles. This was unveiled to the community group this week, who enjoyed seeing this response and will now continue to build up this scene, with photographs on fabric, collage, working and stitching.

It has also been a privilege to spend time with the group members individually, recording their memories and delving into shoeboxes, attics and files of personal archives. Each of these recordings will be archived, providing a valuable and fascinating, personal history of the area for generations to come. We also plan to edit some of these recordings down and link them with images to create a series of digital stories. The overall hope now is to create a book of memories… a mammoth task considering how much amazing content we are capturing!!

Here are just a few photographs from the people we have been recording…

blacksmiths FrankJamestrain diary john-bathtub horse-bus frank-carnival PFShow tea-treat-tickets malevoicechoir
John and his sister having fun in a bathtub in the river Beeble- photo from John Harris

The ‘Linking Lifetimes’ project is kindly funded by the Big Lottery Fund.

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