St.Buryan Academy explore Carn Euny

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The Landmark Travels project is now well underway, and we recently had the pleasure of spending 3 days with year 5&6 pupils from St.Buryan Academy.

Piecing together the jigsaw to accompany the story

Piecing together the jigsaw to accompany the story

The workshops began, as with many Storylines workshops, with a story! In it a small girl awakens in a stable at Carn Euny, confused by how she got there. Set in the Iron Age, the girl experiences a day at Carn Euny, ending with stories around the fire in the roundhouse. To help the children visualise the story, we worked with large jigsaws, reading the story and placing the pieces as we went.

Following this introduction the children each carried on the story, either writing as the girl who found herself at Carn Euny, or the man telling stories around the fire. The children produced some brilliant creative writing, underpinned by research into life in an iron age village.

We then spent a whole day exploring Carn Euny, walking through the story of the girl and placing ourselves in the story. We had a lot of fun with role-play and also enjoyed exploring the site through our senses. The suitcase made it’s first appearance, as we pegged up observations on the washing line.

St.BuryanSchool-CarnEuny3 St.BuryanSchool-CarnEuny6 St.BuryanSchool-CarnEuny17 St.BuryanSchool-CarnEuny26 St.BuryanSchool-CarnEuny28 St.BuryanSchool-CarnEuny31 St.BuryanSchool-CarnEuny32 St.BuryanSchool-CarnEuny34 St.BuryanSchool-CarnEuny47 St.BuryanSchool-CarnEuny48
Snack time in the roundhouse
Children holding up their guesses outside the fogou

Children holding up their guesses outside the fogou

The high point for many children (and adults!) was the magical fogou and beehive hut. In here we recorded some of the children’s stories by candlelight (watch this space for a film!) and listened to the walls of the beehive hut for voices from the past.

As part of the story, children also had to guess what they thought the fogou was once used for. After all no-one can be certain. Here are some of their guesses.

Fogou15 Fogou2 Fogou3 Fogou4 Fogou5 Fogou7 Fogou8 Fogou9 Fogou11 Fogou12 Fogou14 Fogou16 Fogou18 Fogou19 Fogou20 Fogou21 Fogou22 Fogou24 Fogou26 Fogou28 Fogou1

Following our day of exploration, we spent a day in school, turning the children’s observations and experiences into Memory Badges to add onto the fold-out cloth map of Carn Euny, feather books and postcards to the next school. The children also enjoyed reading the postcards that have travelled with the suitcase from St.Just school.

Thank you to all the children and adults that came and explored with us- you were brilliant! Dont forget to join us for:

Carn Euny Families Day
Sunday 23rd August 2015

Come and explore the ancient village of Carn Euny near Sancreed through a range of fun and exciting drop-in activities for the whole family. This special families event is part of the ‘Landmark Travels- Our past in a suitcase’ project and will feature a special suitcase filled with creative work produced by children from St.Just Primary School and St.Buryan Academy.

Bring a spare hoodie or jumper along and you’ll be surprised what you can make with it! You might also like to bring a picnic and feast in one of the ancient courtyard houses. Additional parking available on the day. Suitable for all ages. Everyone welcome.

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