Suitcases continue their journey around Cornwall

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We are very happy to announce that ‘Landmark Travels; Our past in a suitcase‘ will be visiting more communities and schools, thanks to funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Cornwall Heritage Trust.

This project will unearth the stories, traditions and histories connected with landmarks throughout Cornwall. It follows on from a pilot project we ran last year that saw special suitcases touring the Cornish landscape to help engage primary school children and communities with local landmarks.

Through oral history interviews, workshops, digital storytelling, memory days, and community celebrations, the project will explore, document and celebrate heritage landmarks and their place within the community. It will focus on six landmarks and the communities in which they are situated; Carn Euny in Sancreed, Treffry Viaduct in Luxulyan, Carn Grey near St.Austell, Dupath Well near Callington and the bridge and Trevanion Culverhouse in Wadebridge.

Landmark Travels- Our past in a suitcase’ is a partnership project involving Storylines, the Institute of Cornish Studies, and the Cornwall Heritage Trust, allowing it to work with people of all ages, using a range of approaches.

The Institute of Cornish Studies will lead the academic strand of the project, running a series of study days in communities, as well as involving a group of students from the University of Exeter and Falmouth University. We are excited to have a number of academics, including archaeologists, oral historians and photographic historians, involved with the delivery of these workshops. This will enable us to link the study of oral tradition to additional sources like maps, written texts, photographs and archaeological evidence so that communities can build up a wider picture of their community through time.

Pegging out ideas at Carn Euny

Pegging out ideas at Carn Euny

The specially designed suitcases, along with some new ones, will continue to travel between schools and communities, who will work with the Storylines team to record their knowledge, ideas and experiences. This will include the creation of a series of digital stories, which will link short audio clips taken from oral history interviews, with images. By creating these digital stories and working creatively, we are able to share people’s memories and knowledge widely, both online and in workshops and screenings. This approach is something we have found works extremely well, helping to make our heritage more accessible and engaging all generations with the past, and each other.

Video ThumbnailThis film was made as part of 'Landmark Travels- Our past in a suitcase' and documents the series of workshops with Luxulyan School, exploring the beautiful Luxulyan Valley and Treffry Viaduct. ‘Landmark Travels- Our past in a suitcase’ is an exciting project that is unearthing the stories, traditions and histories connected with landmarks throughout Cornwall. The project is being delivered by Storylines in partnership with the Cornwall Heritage Trust (CHT) and the Institute of Cornish Studies. The project is working with primary schools, communities, CHT trustees and university students, to explore, document and celebrate heritage landmarks and their place within the community. The work in primary schools uses specially designed suitcases to help children explore the landmarks on their doorstep. We are also using digital stories, created as part of this project, as accessible starting points for learning, discovery and creativity. Over 3 day-long workshops, including a site visit, each class is transforming their newly found knowledge, ideas and experiences into memory badges, writing and artwork that are folded, posted and attached to the inside of the travelling suitcases. These suitcases will tour different primary schools to encourage an exchange between children, as well as deepen a sense of place.

Here’s a film we made during the pilot project, and shows children from Luxulyan school walking the old tramway, to arrive at Treffry Viaduct for a community picnic including Cornish singing, pasties and storytelling.

Children involved will get the chance to visit local landmarks and, with the help of the mystery contents of the suitcase, will respond creatively using a range of techniques. These will include storytelling, sculpture, painting, movement, digital media, and poetry. At the end of each workshop, children’s responses will be folded, posted and attached to the inside of the old suitcases, which will then travel to the next school to inspire more young people to carry on this important work.

‘Landmark Travels’ will culminate in celebratory events in the five project areas, and the resources created through the project will be made accessible to a range of audiences, both on and offline.

For dates and further information on the workshops, study days, memory days, oral history interviews, please have a look at our current Workshops and Events.

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