Inspired by wartime stories… Memory Quilts & Diaries

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Using Michael Morpurgo’s book ‘An Elephant in the Garden‘ and Monika’s true story of the bombing of Dresden as inspiration, year 6 children from 3 Devon Primary Schools worked with Storylines’ Ali to produce some brilliant creative writing and artwork.

collection typewriter diary7 diary5 diary4 diary3 diary2 postcard
Writing wartime diaries

In the workshops the children discussed the book and its main theme of Remembrance and then explored various techniques to record memories and produced beautifully aged diaries written from the perspective of a wartime child.

The final artwork took the form of a series of ‘beds’ from which the elderly Lizzie recounted her memories as a child in wartime Germany. Using paint and stitch, these memories were then translated into individual Memory Badges, which were then incorporated together into these beautiful Memory Quilts.

bed3 bed2 bed1

This amazing artwork was exhibited to accompany the production at Exeter Northcott Theatre.

These workshops were for ‘Upon My Word’, part of ‘extreme imagination,’ Exeter’s festival of writing for and by young people. This event has been developed in partnership with DAISI ( Devon Arts in Schools Initiative ), University of Exeter Graduate School of Education Department and Exeter Northcott Theatre.

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