‘Turning Seasons’ procession finale

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Following on from the Big Draw event in the morning, children from 5 local primary schools met the artist Julia Giles, whom had constructed her installation the ‘Keskerdh An Kammva Dro’ in the orchard at Kestle Barton. Inspired by farming traditions the ‘Procession around a turnstile’ helps to turn the seasons, acknowledging how important the seasons and appreciation of the land are to farmers.
TurningSeasonsAir1To process in style, and make lots of noise, children dressed up in their leaf headdresses and grabbed their homemade instruments. Beginning the procession in the rain, children followed Julia around the ‘Kammva Dro’, playing a 4 part beat as they marched. Within a few minutes the rain had stopped, and as we finished the sun showed it’s face for the first time that day. Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah, a successful turning of the seasons!! Some seasonal food finished off a great day.

Thank you to everyone who helped on the day and came to celebrate with us.

TurningSeasonsKB49 TurningSeasonsKB41 TurningSeasonsKB55 TurningSeasonsKB67 TurningSeasonsKB66 TurningSeasonsKB65 TurningSeasonsKB62 TurningSeasonsAir3 TurningSeasonsKB59 TurningSeasonsAir2

Film coming soon!

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