The Big Draw at Kestle Barton

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To conclude our workshops for ‘Turning Seasons,’ infant children from 5 primary schools on the Lizard (from the Keskowethyans Trust) visited Kestle Barton for a day of creativity, fun, noise and colour.

For the morning of this final event, we participated in The Big Draw event (the World’s biggest drawing festival). This begun with an exploration of the beautiful artwork of Hannah Woodman, which captures the gardens at Kestle Barton through the seasons. The children were then introduced to drawing with charcoal and graphite, playing with making marks on a large sheet of paper in the gallery. Once familiarised with the media (and had lovely black hands to show for it!) the children were let loose in the gardens at Kestle Barton. Inspired by Hannah’s artwork and their surroundings, and with energy to burn, the children produced some amazing drawings of the Autumnal garden. These were finished off with a hint of colour, again similar to Hannahs artwork, which children were given 30 seconds to add to their drawings. Here are a small selection:


TurningSeasonsKB65These images were later installed onto a free standing structure and placed in the middle of Julia Giles’s Kammva Dro, which we processed around in the afternoon. Photos coming of this soon!


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