Discovering the past through objects and stories

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Earlier this year we delivered a series of workshops to children from St.Mawes Primary School, using agricultural objects from Helston Folk Museum as starting points for learning and creativity.

objectsIn the first session, children were given mystery objects and became archivists for the day, trying to work out the past use of the objects and filling in adapted accession forms. The following day St.Mawes School hosted a Tea Treat for locals, and people from the community came in to help the children discover more about the objects; their past use and the stories behind them. The pig ringer was a definite highlight! After hearing these stories, children worked in pairs, creating brilliant backdrops for their object and putting themselves into the scene for a photograph. Here is a short film which overlays some of the audio from the Tea Treats, with photographs of the children:

'In the Scene...'

And some more photographs of the children with the backdrops they created:

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