Crying the neck & corn dolly’s at Gunwen

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What a brilliant 3 days we had over our recent event at Gunwen Chapel in Luxulyan.

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Kath Strang, showing us how to make simple corn dollys

The event kicked off with a crying the neck ceremony with the 3 local primary schools, Luxulyan, Lanivet and Lanlivery, followed by corn dolly making with Kath Strang. The same evening, another crying the neck ceremony was led by Mark Hawken, with a service from the Reverent Malcolm Bowers (I am currently putting together a film of this, so watch this space). This was followed by a traditional Gunwen feast (not to be missed!) and a Cornish sing along led by Keith and Clarinder Truscott.

Following an afternoon of film screenings on the Friday, we continued the celebrations on Saturday with singing, dancing, a range of musicians, and of course some more delicious food, courtesy of Gunwen Chapel.

The whole event was set against a backdrop of local photographs, films, maps, objects and artwork, brought together over the last year through the projects work with a local group of volunteers and primary schools. Ivan also managed to get hold of a cow for hand milking and a fergy T20.

A HUGE thank you to all that enabled this to happen, and contributed their time, photographs, stories and musical talents. A particular thank you to Ivan, Margaret, Hilary & Rob. It was such a pleasure being involved in this close-knit community, and i’m sure the work started during this project will continue.

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  1. Gillian Nott says:

    Brilliant! I was so sorry to have missed this – it looks as though it was a splendid few days. Look forward to seeing the film.

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    A past event that took place at Gunwen Chapel, which brought well over 100 people together to celebrate stories of the land

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