Stories from Lanlivery

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We had a great day with Lanlivery School in March; with parents, children and School staff sharing stories and transforming these into large canvas’s and scenes in boxes. Below are a few photographs of some of the work produced by Class 2.


This story was told by a girls father who came to join us for the morning. As a boy, the girls Dad lived next door to a farm and the farmer instructed him that if he looked out of his window and saw a sheep lying on it’s back, he would need to recue them…. FAST!  He took this job very seriously. Here he is running to “save the sheep” which is pictured lying on it’s back, feet in the air!board3

Made during St.Pirans week this canvas uses the St.Piran flag to divide up the scene. The story, told by a boys Mum, features Honky Tonk the pig. Honky Tonk was a pet pig, that was very clean and lived in the house. One day when she returned home she saw that Honky Tonk had rooted up the whole rug, rolling it up with his snout. At this sight she said to Honky Tonk, “no Honky Tonk” at which the pig moved around to the other side of the room to roll the rug back to where it should be… What a clever pig!board5

This story was taken from Heathers Story; one of the digital stories made as part of this project. The scene shows Heathers neighbour being flung over the hedge by her cow. The man with the large saw in the foreground is the (rather well armed) vet, who came to de-horn Heathers’ families cows. On the right is Heather, as a girl, going around collecting the horns in a bucket.board1

This beautifully drawn canvas combines a couple of stories told during the mornings storytelling session. In the tractor the farmer has just realised that his steering wheel has come off in his hands and is now flying down the hill before crashing into a hedge to stop the tractor. In the back of the tractor are 2 girls from the class feeding orphan lambs, Cloudy and Clover.

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