Reed combing in Manaccan

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Throughout the project people have kindly donated and shared their photographs with us. Here are some images of reed combing and a short description, with thanks to local Chris Harris. If you have any memories of working with this set-up then please get in touch.

Reed Comber Lannarth 271077 Reed Comber Lannarth 2710770001 Reed Comber Lannarth 2710770002 Reed Comber Lannarth 2710770003
Reed combing in Manaccan

Above are photos (probably late 1970’s) of the system, still in use today, for producing nitches for thatching. Substitute a traction engine for the tractor & a couple of century’s regression would be in order.

The comber sits on top of a standard threshing machine & holds the straw parallel before a binder knotter ties it in a bundle.

The location is now part of Chris Hosken’s farm, Lannar(th) Gate (the th isn’t pronounced) &, at the time of the photo, was owned by James Ankerson who is in one of the photos. 

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